Miyerkules, Nobyembre 19, 2014

#TeamFrenchVanilla FOR THE WIN!

The Eiffel Tower has always captured my eyes that makes me want to go to such prestigious landmark. It, being the first place on my travel list, would be really fulfilling if I will be able to go there some time in the future. But of course, I would not want to travel alone. I'll grab two of my college friends who are really eager to visit Paris and are obsessed with Paris-inspired stuffs. Not to mention that they've got their own collections at home.
Furthermore, after all the stress that has bombarded us, I guess it's time that we experience our sweet ending even just for a day - a day away from all the anxiety that college life has to offer. As graduating college students that we are, it is still impossible for us to explore Paris and definitely, the Eiffel Tower is beyond our reach [for now].

So for the meantime, there is this new Cadbury Dairy Milk flavor that we are all craving for - the all new French Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse that will surely let us feel that Paris-like and heavenly feeling for every bite. As my college friends and I are battling on which team we are, we have decided to be on the #TeamFrenchVanilla.

We are not much on the chocolatier side of Cadbury Dairy Milk. We prefer to be more on the Vanilla-filled bars that will surely captivate our taste and will take us to whole new dimension of Paris without having to literally travel to it. This will really complement our stay in our own Paris while fully enjoying the scenery outside of our window. Who knows? One day, we'll get to really [as in, literally] take a trip to Paris, especially to the Eiffel Tower.

Visit Cadbury Dairy Milk to know more about its newest flavor and get to have your sweet ending too!

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